2023 SmithCo 10-Axle Trailer (4-2 Train)


SmithCo 10-Axle Trailer (4-2 Train)

10-AXLE TRAIN 4-Axle Lead, 2-Axle Pup


4-Axle Lead - 46’ OAL
2-Axle Pup - 34’ OAL
81’ Overall Train Length
102” Width
35.4 Yard Capacity - Level Full
47.7 Yard Capacity Heaped

AR400 Steel Construction
High Tensile Tapered Frame
Rounded Tub - Reduced Material Sticking
Solid Side Sheet Steel Construction
Low Slung Center Stabilizer/Divider
Water Tight Tub w/Drain Plugs
Trailer Mounted Electric-Over Hydraulic Valve with Power Beyond
2-Speed Landing Legs (Lead)
Front & Rear Fenders

Air Ride Suspension (All Axles)
1st Axle Air Lift (Lead)
(6) 385/65R22.5 Super Single Radial Tires
4th Axle Steerable Air Lift / Air Lift (Lead)
(2) 11R22.5 Radial Tires
(4) 385/65R22.5 Radial Tires (Pup)
Immediate Response Valve For
Suspension Stabilization
77 1/2" Wide Axle Track (Lead)
(3) Axles Rated at 25,000 lbs
83 1/2” Wide Axle Track (Pup)
(2) Axles Rated at 18,740 lbs
Hub Piloted, Aluminum Wheels (All)
Outboard Hubs / Cast Drums
Oil Bath Hubs
Anti-Lock Braking Systems – 2S1M (Lead)
Anti-Skid Brake Sensor - 1st Axle (Pup)

Bolt On Push Block
LED Lights w/Theft Proof Bezels
Electric Tarp System
Towing Package Complete with Hydraulics"

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